Turn any family get together or office party into a Caribbean festival.  Our famous recipes will help provide that “inner luv” feeling you’re looking for at your next event.  Customize your catering package and allow us to WOW your guest’s taste buds.  Give us a call today to discuss the best portion sizes and combinations for your event. 

The Meats

Jerk Chicken – Full Pan100.00
Jerk Chicken – Half Pan49.00
Fried Chicken – Full Pan100.00
Fried Chicken – Half Pan49.00
Curry Chicken – Full Pan90.00
Curry Chicken – Half Pan46.00
Brown Stew Chicken – Full Pan90.00
Brown Stew Chicken – Half Pan46.00
Curry Goat – Full Pan210.00
Curry Goat – Half Pan110.00
Oxtail – Full Pan250.00
Oxtail – Half Pan130.00
Jerk Pork – Full Pan250.00
Jerk Pork – Half Pan110.00
Beef Stew – Full Pan210.00
Beef Stew – Half Pan110.00

The Sides

Rice and Beans – Full Pan60.00
Rice and Beans – Half Pan30.00
White Rice – Full Pan50.00
White Rice – Half Pan26.00
Yellow Rice – Full Pan50.00
Yellow Rice – Half Pan26.00
Mac and Cheese – Full Pan65.00
Mac and Cheese – Half Pan30.00
Cabbage – Full Pan50.00
Cabbage – Half Pan26.00
Plantains – Full Pan65.00
Plantains – Half Pan35.00
Corn – Full Pan60.00
Corn – Half Pan35.00
Cocktail Patties – Beef (Min. order 12)1.00 ea
Cocktail Patties – Curry Chicken (Min. order 12)1.00 ea
We ordered a big catering order for Christmas dinner for about 30 people. Everything was delicious. The food was ready on time for pick up and service was great. The food was so good we didn't have any leftovers. People took plates home to go. After everyone ate of course. Thank you Spices for a delicious experience.
Marq Mervin